Xcode 4 : Related Files List

With Xcode 4 you can quickly access an assortment of files related to your project through the Related Files option in the Jump Bar. The screenshot below shows the related files based on the file that is open in the editor pane – the red box in the upper left highlights the icon to open the related files list.

Notice in the figure above one of the options is the Includes list, which provides quick access to files included in both the interface (.h) and the implementation (.m) file that is open. Here’s something interesting to try – click on a source file (.m) and choose the Assembly option. This offers a look at the assembly language code created by the compiler, makes one appreciate higher level languages…

The contents of the related files changes (ever so slighty) based on which Navigator is active and which entry in active navigator is selected. For example, in the screenshot that follows the Project navigator is active (red box) and the project entry is selected (yellow box) – in this scenario, the related files shown are only the recently opened files and the unsaved files.