Xcode 4 : Jump Bar Tips and Tricks

The Jump Bar is the navigation area at the top of the source editor pane, which is highlighted in red in the figure below:

There is a popup menu available by clicking on each separate section of the Jump Bar. For example, clicking on the title SandboxAppDelegate.m will bring up a list of all the other files stored at the same location in the project hierarchy. Notice in the screenshot below that the file list shown in the popup is the same as shown in the project navigator.

Jump Bar Tip #1 – Sorting

You can sort the entries in the popup list by Command-clicking the Jump Bar. In the screenshot below is the same popup shown above, however, all the entries are now sorted.

Jump Bar Tip #2 – Type Ahead

Once a popup is displayed, you can type ahead to narrow the list of entries. This is really handy if you have a long list of files or methods and are looking for a specific entry.

The screenshot below shows the popup for the file list:

As I type characters, the list of the entries narrows based on my search:

Jump Bar Tip #3 – Open in Assistant Editor

To open a file in the assistant editor, from within the popup showing the file list, Option-click the desired file. If you are viewing a popup of the methods in a file, if you Option-click, the file containing the method will be opened in the assistant editor, and the selected method will be highlighted:

  1. Nice! Had no idea about the CMD+click in the jump bar!

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