Xcode 4 : Fonts and Color Themes

Xcode includes a nice assortment of built-in themes that manage fonts and color selections. To view the available themes:

> Xcode – Preferences
> Select Fonts and Colors tab (across the top)
> Select a theme on the left menu

Below are screenshots of the Default, Sunset and Midnight themes. There is also a Presentation theme where the font sizes have been increased, this is handy if you ever need to show your code to others via an overhead projector.

Create a New Theme

You can create a new theme and customize the look however you like – click the + at the bottom left of the preference dialog to create a new theme – you will be shown a list of available themes to duplicate as a starting point:

Hidden Theme

There is a theme that is not shown in the original theme list – look at the figure above, I’ve drawn a rectangle around Spartan, which is only shown when creating a new theme. To give this theme a try, create a new theme and select Spartan as the theme to duplicate.

  1. This is slightly off-topic*, but have you ever seen Xcode stop highlighting the current line when execution stops for a breakpoint? This has happened to me and to a colleague in both the currently released version and in betas. It makes it very hard to tell where the execution has stopped when you have multiple breakpoints within a single method or function. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better when you single step after the breakpoint — still no highlight. Note: it’s sporadic — maybe 50% of the time.

    *I tried messing with the color themes to solve the problem, thinking that Xcode was somehow setting the highlight color to the same color as my background, but apparently that is not the issue.

  2. Do you know where (in settings or a file, etc…), XCode stores the new themes?

  3. ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes/
    But I don’t know where the default ones are.

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