Xcode 4 : Change Company/Organization Name Per Project

Here’s a quick tip to change the company (now know as the Organization) name in an Xcode 4 project.

From the Project Navigator, make sure the project name is selected:

Select the Utilities view on the right within Xcode:

Select the File Inspector, find the Project Document section and enter the Organization name.

With the name new in place, when adding new source files, the name will be reflected in the header section as shown below:

//  test.m
//  Sandbox
//  Created by John Muchow on 5/22/12.
//  Copyright (c) 2012 MobileDeveloperTips.com. All rights reserved.
#import "test.h"
@implementation test
  1. …and you can change these details in the Address Book as well, at your name. :)

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