Using Multiple Tabs For File Editing With Xcode

Using tabs to manage content is common across most web-browsers. In a similar manner, Xcode can also support tabs for managing files. By default, tabs are not enabled in Xcode, this tip will show you how to change that and I’ll also share a few keystrokes to facilitate moving between tabs.

Configure Xcode To Use Tabs

Go into Preferences and choose the General option. From there set the option Double Click Navigation to Use Separate Tab.

When you double click on a file in the Project Navigator it will now open in a new tab, this includes images, .m and .h files, etc.

Move Between Tabs in Xcode

You can move between as follows:

Command { to previous tab
Command } to next tab

  1. I create lots of tabs during development.
    One for coding, finding, building. Others for specific tasks like I have one named .storyboards which also has a filter to show only storyboards. Like that tab, I also have tabs with filters for .xcdatamodel, .pch, .png, .strings.
    That save a lot of time navigating the project tree.

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