Set Xcode Project Window Defaults

Another Xcode tip based on information in the book Xcode 3 Unleashed. Read more about the book in my three part review.

Whenever you start a new project in Xcode, there is a default window size, position and layout set by Xcode. More often than not, you’ll want to change the defaults to suite your preferences. Once you drag the window to your preferred size and location, you can set this as the new default as follows:

  1. From the menu across the top, click Window
  2. Select Defaults…
  3. Select Make Layout Default to save the settings

Once you have this value set, you can even change existing projects to use the new preferred size and location. Follow the same steps as above, however, this time around choose Restore to User Default.

This is one of many good tips you’ll find in the book Xcode 3 Unleashed.

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