Rename an Xcode Project

If you’ve ever attempted to rename an Xcode project you can speak first hand to the pain of getting all the details just right. Good news, it was recently pointed out by a reader in this post: Change Company Name from Within Xcode on a Per Project Basis that there is now a rename feature built into Xcode.

Renaming an Xcode Project

First, click on the Project menu and select Rename:

From there, fill in the new name, I’d also recommend creating a snapshot as a precaution:

Renaming an Xcode project is no longer a mysterious, troublesome endeavor.


  1. No, but when I tried yesterday, it blew up on me. The xcodeproj file never got created and I had to recover from a backup. Unfortunately, there is also no error message of any kind, so there is no way to know what went wrong.

    In fairness, I only tried it on one (my current) project, so maybe it’s just something funky about that one. Still, I would recommend others be VERY careful using this dandy new feature.

  2. What’s your experience with Snapshots? I’ve found a few articles on the web saying that it’s broken too, though they are a few years old. Of course, I DO have other means to back up projects.

    • Snapshots seem to work well, not necessarily a replacement for version control but a simple means to maintain versions. Since I backup with time machine daily, snapshots are backed up daily as well.

  3. This is awesome – I been racking my brain trying so may things from so many different websites and this one was so simple and worked perfectly for me! Thank you so much.

    One point to note – I got this message between build and run that I wasn’t getting before:

    2010-07-29 15:57:25.240 Blob[23441:207] ******* Accessibility Status Changed: On
    2010-07-29 15:57:25.831 Blob[23441:207] ********** Loading AX for: com.yourcompany.Blob ************

    It didn’t effect the run in any way.

    Thanks again! B)

  4. I got error GDB: Program received signal: “SIGABRT”.

    Is that because I’m using database with my application! any ideas how to fix that ? Thanks

  5. It worked, but you still have to manually rename a lot of the files inside.
    Nice, little utility because it does save some time, but still needs some work.
    Thanks for the info.

  6. In XCode 4, there is no project menu.

    This whole topic is infuriating to me. Does no one at Apple understand that you sometimes want to change a project name?

    • The cappy: Not only that — what if you start a project as iPad-only and then discover you need to make it Universal? It would be sure be nice to have that as an option, too.

      • My solution yesterday was to unfurl the flag of incompetence, give up, and just make a whole new project. I renamed the delegate to match the previous (incorrectly named) project. And then I imported all my files over. I suspect this won’t scale well, but right now my projects are pretty small.

    • Changing the Product Name does not make all of the necessary changes. In Xcode 4, simply edit the project name in the project navigator pane, and it will provide you with a list of all of the changes it will make for you. Click Rename to complete the process.

      If you click Cancel it will only change the name of the xcodeproj file and not all of the other files that need to change.

      • My apologies. My tip only referred to renaming the .app file.

        Thanks for the information.

  7. This worked PERFECTLY!

    Thank you for taking the time to share with the community.


  8. Thanks a lot…. :) it works for me… i was wondering from a long time….. Thanks Once Again…..

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