How To Add Frameworks To Xcode 4

I’ve been asked a number of times recently how to add frameworks to an Xcode project – this tip will walk through the steps with Xcode 4 or greater.

Step #1

Select the project in Project Navigator:

Step #2

Select the Target as shown:

Step #3

Select the Build Phases tab:

Step #4

Click the directional arrow to open section Link Binary With Libraries

Step #5

Click the add button (+) and select the desired framework:

Step #6

Oddly enough, the framework is not added to the Frameworks folder:

Drag/drop the newly added framework onto the Frameworks folder (this step is optional.

  1. You can also add them on the Summary tab when in your target settings, under the Linked Frameworks and Libraries. Adding a framework there will automatically add it to the proper build phase as well as the main project group, though not in the Frameworks folder.

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