Finding the Xcode Project File in a Folder

This barely qualifies as a tip worthy of publishing, however, it’s something I use regularly so I figured it’s worthwhile passing on.

I’ve been working with some monster projects as it relates to content. What that translates to is really long lists of files inside of Finder. Since I bounce between a handful of projects over the course of the week, more often than not I opt to open a project from by browsing the files within Finder and opening the file with the extension .xcodeproj. With folders having many files, I quickly tired of scrolling down the file list looking for the xcode project file.

To bubble the project file to the top, I simply rename the project file and place an underscore at the front of the project name. For example, SomeProject.xcodeproj becomes _SomeProject.xcodeproj. This has no effect on the project (from Xcode’s perspective), however you may need to update your source code control system with the new (renamed) file.

Trivial as it is, a hand tip none-the-less.

  1. Any reason why you wouldn’t just show the files in the List view of Finder and just sort on “Kind”?

    Also, another trick is to separate projects by directories.

    Just a thought or two


  2. Hi Frank, good point on the sorting idea. However, I generally leave my folders sorted in name order, and was looking for a means to quickly open a project without having to resort in order to find the project file.

  3. I prefer to make file link (make alias) and move it to special folder on Dock or Desktop or Documents.
    It is easy to have folder “Active Projects” for all links for project files which under development and another one called “Archive” for all inactive projects.
    You can move project aliases to any folder, add another one or delete it (if no more needed).
    And of course you can simple rename project aliases and use any sorting method for best looking in folder with projects link.

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