Download and Install Older Versions of Xcode (Xcode Previous Releases)

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to stick with the latest release of Xcode. That said, there are times when running an older release can be a good thing.

You can download older versions of Xcode by logging into Apple Developer Connection – Downloads and ADC Program Assests ( – You will need to be a member of the developer program to login.

Once on the site, from the Downloads section, choose Developer Tools – you will be shown with a list of all Xcode versions, back to 1.0 released in October of 2004.

Install Multiple Versions of Xcode

To keep from overwriting an existing installation, you can specify the path for Xcode during the install process. For example, the default location is /Developer, to install an older version you could instruct Xcode to install into a simliar name such as /Developer-3.1

To change the install path, click on the Location header in the install dialog:

Choose a new path for the Essentials Package:


  1. Thanks a lot for the website address. I couldn’t find it anywhere on Apple’s current developer site!

  2. I’ve been looking for this for a long time, like… over a year. I really appreciate you posting this! It’s amazing how hard Apple sometimes makes it to find things.

  3. Thanks so much! I hate the new version – i really wanted the old version.

  4. thanks a lot!
    but one thing is still missing on, xcode4 for snow leopard. any links to that?

  5. I have Mac OSx 10.5.2 installed on my intel based PC. Can anyone tell me Which version of Xcode and iOS
    is Suitable for my Mac??

    • Your best bet in my opinion would be to use an Xcode version that was released around the same time as OS X 10.5.2 or a bit later. Im speaking more from a logical standpoint than specific knowledge. And a multiple version install as shown above versus overwriting the latest Xcode version you have, as you will need it for developing for new devices such as the iPhone 5.

  6. Thanks!

    One question though, when I downloaded the Xcode I wanted, I didn’t really get an installer, it just directly downloaded the application. The reason I was installing an older version of Xcode is because one of the tools I need to use isn’t available on the current Xcode. I copied the Xcode I got from the OP into the directory I wanted, but when I ran the installer for my tools, it says it can’t find Xcode installed in that folder. How do I actually install the old version from the link in OP?

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