Change Company Name in Xcode

Although covered many other places on the net, I recently had to make a change to the name that Xcode automagically inserts when creating new files, so I figured I’d also pass on this tip to readers of this blog as well.

By default, Xcode inserts a company name something similar to the following in all new source files (.m .h etc):

Copyright (c) 2009 MyCompanyName. All rights reserved.

Changing this reference is as simple as entering the following from within a terminal window, replacing “YourNameHere” with the text you prefer. Also, make sure this is all entered on one line in the terminal.

defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions 
  1. Or go to AppleMenu > SystemPreferences > Accounts > Address Book Card and fill in your CompanyName.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I drove myself crazy trying to figure that one out. (Yes, I’m a newbie.)

  3. Florian says a nice way
    i tried the followed way
    defaults write PBXCustomTemplateMacroDefinitions

    but it will display “your company name + 2010”
    it’s not a normal

    do as Florian says
    it will display 2010+yourCompanyName

  4. Great work guys

    Florian tip works a treat, it such a subtle change in a place you might not think to look.

    This was really getting on my nerves too… (and for all newbies accounts – is now ‘ user and groups’)

    p.s. thanks to the icloud i made this change in my iPhone and it updated my mac address book. So easy, which is probably worth noting if you mac is set up to copy your phone content!

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