Change Company Name from Within Xcode on a Per Project Basis

A common question for most anyone new to Xcode is how to change the Company Name that is added to each new source file. The default information looks similar to the following:

Copyright (c) 2010 MyCompanyName. All rights reserved.

Up until Xcode 3.2 to change this value you had to resort to running a command from a terminal, you can see how this was previously done in this tip: Change Company Name in Xcode.

A welcome change with 3.2+ is that this value can now be managed from within Xcode. Even better, the name can be configured on a project by project basis, which is really nice if you need to maintain multiple copyright statements across projects.

Change Company Name within Xcode

In the Groups and Files window, right click on the project name and select Get Info:

In the General Settings tab, near the bottom you’ll see a field for the Organization Name:

Update this field and the new value will be reflected in each source code file you create in the active project.

  1. Thanks, that will be very helpful.

    Off topic, but related:

    What is the easiest way to change the name of a project — not the bundle name or the display name, but the name of the xcodeproj file — and have the change cascade through the project? Every time I’ve tried to do it the build goes crazy.

    The reason I want to do it is that I am just OCD enough to want my project name to actually match the published product, where possible, and we often have the product almost complete before we settle on a name.

  2. Thanks, Kris. I guess I really need to start reviewing all of XCode and the SDKs with every upgrade. The changes they are making are far more significant than I have been conditioned to expect by years of Windows development…

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