Vimov and iSimulate – iPhone Developer Tool

I’m happy to announce a new sponsor of iPhone Developer Tips, vimov, the company behind an excellent developer tool iSimulate.

In a previous post I wrote about my experience using iSimulate in an iPhone project I was working on at that time: Testing Multi-Touch, Accelerometer and GPS using the Xcode Simulator. In addition iPhone Developer Tips hosted a contest for a free copy of iSimulate: iSimulate Giveaway.

In a nutshell, iSimulate is an iPhone application that sends multi-touch events, accelerometer data and GPS location information to the iPhone Simulator wirelessly, which is very handy, as the Xcode simulator does not offer such support to exercise your code.

iSimulateThe latest release of iSimulate, includes support for streaming your application as video to a device as well as recognizing orientation changes and notifying your application running in the iPhone Simulator.

iSimulate consists of an SDK library, which is free, that creates a listening server in the simulator that communicates with an iPhone/iPod running the iSimulate client. The client captures all data from the accelerometer sensor, the touch events, the location and device ID and streams them to the server.

iSimulate is a great addition to any iPhone Developer’s toolbox.