mobile[foo] Sliding Navigation Controller

mobile[foo] just released a new Sliding Navigation Controller for iOS developers. This unique controller delivers a Twitter-like sliding pane interface for the iPad.

The controller works much like UINavigationController. It manages a stack of panes/subviews each with their own controller, animation support in integrated into the transitions.

Sliding Controller Highlights

• Twitter like sliding pane for the iPad
• Supports unlimited levels of content
• Can be skinned as you like
• Supports portrait and landscape orientation

  1. Very cool… you should also review their iSql product. That one looks like it could be an extremely cheap solution for a problem I’m having.

  2. Is there a way to pop a TableViewController that has for each of its table cell a UIScrollView, whereby swiping on the cell will animate an array of images in the horizontal view only, but will also be able to scroll vertically like a regular table view?

    And is there a way to animate the SplitViewController to be hidden and also opaque (alpha = 0.25)?

    Just a thought


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