Capture iPhone Simulator Screenshots – Revisited – iPhone Simulator Cropper

A colleague on a recent iPhone project was looking for a tool to capture a series of screenshots for an upcoming application demo. In a Google search he first bumped into a post I wrote back in February of 2009: Capture iPhone Simulator Screenshots – Open Source Screen Capture Tool, a nice Mac tool for taking screenshots. As luck would have it, he also found another screen capture tool, one focused solely on iPhone screenshots: iPhone-Simulator Cropper.

iPhone-Simulator Cropper

This tool works by capturing the screen of the simulator runnning on your system. One really slick feature is the option to create captured images in two primary formats – first, a format suitable for upload to iTunes for your application screenshots – second, capturing a screenshot that is suitable for display on a website.

The following images show the iPhone-Simulator Cropper application, as well as two sample images captured:

iTunes Connect / App Store:

Website (iPhone Device from Apple Marketing):

  1. Does not work with iOS simulator, probably because they renamed the simulator.

  2. Oh, just realized there is an update for iOS 4.2

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