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Editor’s Note:The Application Loader app is available on your development system if you have installed iPhone SDK 3.2 or later – you can locate the Application Loader in the Utilities folder: /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Application

If you’ve ever had to upload a binary to the App Store that has any size to it, say, over 20 MB, it’s a little unnerving when you upload through a web-browser and the only status you get is whatever progress indicator your browser offers. Problem is, you can’t rely on the indicator as a reliable source of information about whether your connection is still alive, or even more meaningful, how far along you are in uploading a large binary.

Apple recommends the loader for binaries that are over 200MB. I’ve used it for applications that are much smaller as I find the information it provides of great value. You can find the loader by following these steps from within iTunes Connect:

  • Choose Manage You Applications
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click the Get Application Loader link
  • Click the Download Developer Guide link (good stuff in here, btw)

To use the loader, during the process of adding a new application to the App Store, when prompted in iTunes Connect (on the Upload tab), click the checkbox that says Check here to upload your binary later.

Complete the rest of the information required for uploading an application. To begin uploading with the loader, start the application and select New from the file menu. You’ll be prompted for your login information to connect to iTunes. At this point, if all is well, you’ll be shown a dialog box that has a drop-down list of all the applications iTunes Connect recognizes that are waiting for a binary. The rest of the steps for uploading are self explanatory as the loader walks you through the paces.

Important Note:
There is one gotcha that I ran into when rejecting a binary and attempting to re-upload a new binary with the loader. After rejecting the file, I created a new build and fired up the loader. Unfortunately, the loader did not recognize that there were binaries to be uploaded into my iTunes Connect account.

Here’s what I had to do to fix the problem:

  • Login into iTunes Connect (with a web-browser)
  • Choose Manage You Applications

You’ll see a dialog similar to the figure below for each application in which you rejected a binary:

  • Click on the Replace Binary
  • From the Upload Application screen, click the checkbox Check here to upload your binary later
  • Save your changes

Start up the Application Loader and you should now see the application you rejected earlier as an option for uploading a new binary.


  1. Thanks for pointing this out… I rejected a binary the other day, and went to use the loader and found the upload a new binary option unavailable… And I’d much prefer to use the Upload App, as I had the browser (both Firefox/Safari tried) quit on me 3 times with my initial submits of a 6 meg app at 5am (ie non peak hours, I assume ;-)

  2. Great thanks! my app rejected too… and now I know how to upload it with application loader again.

  3. with the uploading your binary later option, do you get to change any details like the descriptions, and keywords, add a different icons, and screenshots at that time?

    • Sung, uploading the binary later only affects the binary, all other assets are updated whenever you make changes.

  4. Its really useful information thank you for sharing here we had done many iphone game now setting with ipad – Thanks

  5. It looks as though beginning this week you will have to use Application loader to upload any apps to iTunes Connect. This is an e-mail that we received from Apple:


    Beginning July 22, you will need to use Application Loader to submit your binary to iTunes Connect. Binary uploads will no longer be accepted through the iTunes Connect interface on that date.

    Application Loader offers fast uploading, a more stable connection, and early validation warnings. You can now also submit binaries that contain In App Purchase using Application Loader. Make sure the status of your app in iTunes Connect is Waiting for Upload before you submit your binary through Application Loader.

    If you have installed iPhone SDK 3.2 or later, you can access Application Loader from the Utilities folder (/Developer/Applications/Utilities/Application You can also download Application Loader from iTunes Connect.

  6. Where has the Download link gone ?? Can someone guide me to it please, thanks

    • If you have installed iPhone SDK 3.2 or later, the Application Loader in the Utilities folder on your system: /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Application

  7. i cant install sdk 3.2 because my system has 10.5.8… how can i still get application loader?
    i installed sdk 3.1.3 but application loader is not included there…???

    • With newer versions of Xcode, the Application Loader should be included during the install. The location is: /Developer/Applications/Utilities folder.

      • can i install bewer version of xcode?
        where can i download it?

        • You can download from the Mac App Store, or if you are a member of the iOS Developer Program (highly recommended) you can access beta releases as well.

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