App Cooker iOS Mockup Editor

With the panache and precision of a Master Chef, Hot Apps Factory has whipped up an amazing iOS app planning and prototyping tool.

App Cooker was released for iPad just a few days ago and has been getting a great reception. A year in the making, App Cooker was created to assist developers, designers and all-round app enthusiasts through the complete process of masterminding, mapping out and mocking up new app ideas before any coding is started, a vital step that should never be skipped. It helps the user nail the concept, the design, the financials and everything in between using the professional tools provided.

App Cooker is an exceptionally feature-rich app design software, yet, there’s even more to come. While current functionality is tweaked and improved App Cooker is available at a greatly discounted rate, currently over 50% off the future price! Feature updates will be fast and frequent with the price increasing slightly each time until the product reaches its full functionality.

The demo video on the App Cooker website gives a quick overview of this fantastic new tool for developers: