iOS Open Source: Dynamic Code Injection

I previously shared a tip about an Xcode plugin, injectionForXcode, that makes it possible to change/add code without the need to restart your app.

The dynamic code injection tool (dyci) offers similar functionality. The video below shows how dyci works:

Here are a few helpful wiki pages:

dyci installation
Using dyci

Download dynamic code injection tool

You can download dynamic code injection tool from github.

Open Source Recommendations ?

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iOS Open Source : Xcode Plugin WordStar Key Sequences

Henry Skoglund contacted to me to share an Xcode plugin he wrote, GeezerEdit, which maps various Xcode editing features to Wordstar control-key sequences.

What is Wordstar you ask? Circa 1980, Wordstar was a popular word processor for DOS, this was long before the days of Microsoft Word. Many of the keystroke sequences for marking text, copy/paste, moving to next/previous word, etc were tied to the control key combinations. For example, to mark a block you would enter Conrol-K-B to begin the mark, Control-K-K to end the block.

Around that same timeframe Borland (which has since been acquired by Embarcadero) was on fire with many popular development tools. Turbo Pascal and Turbo C were tools I used on a daily basis for building applications when I was in graduate school. I remember it well, my computer had two 5 1/4 floppy drives, the compiler and editor were on one floppy and the project was stored on the second. I had no hard drive at the time, the $450 for 10 Meg was out of reach. Crazy.
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