iOS 6 by tutorials: Learn The Latest iOS 6 APIs By Example

Ray Wenderlich and his team of iOS developers/writers have put together an impressive collection of tutorials in their lastest book iOS 6 by tutorials – available in PDF and print.

It all started so simple 4+ years ago. However, the iOS platform has become quite comprehensive, and with each new milestone release of iOS comes an abundance of new features. It can be quite a challenge to keep up. iOS 6 by tutorials covers many of most recent additions to iOS 6 including UICollectionView, Auto Layout, Passbook, among others.

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In iOS 6 viewWillUnload and viewDidUnload Are Deprecated

Prior to iOS 6, in low memory conditions iOS would call viewWillUnload and viewDidUnload before releasing unneeded views from memory. Apple has determined that the memory captured was not worth the overhead and additional issues caused by using these methods.

Beginning in iOS 6, viewWillUnload and viewDidUnload are deprecated, as views are no longer removed from memory if the OS runs low on the same. Put another way, if your app targets iOS 6, these methods will not be called.
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iOS 6 : Set UIStepper Increment And Decrement Images

Prior to iOS 6, the increment and decrement images in a UIStepper control were fixed (+ and -). You can now specify custom images for each state.

The pre-iOS 6 control looks as follows, the first image is the default state, the second image shows the rightmost control as active (selected):

Let’s update the control with four new images:, left and right arrows as well as selected states for both arrows:
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