Swift Language Available in Chinese

Jie Liang is the creator of a github project (along with the help of ~20 others) to translate the Swift language documentation to Chinese. The number of stars on Github is an indicator of the popularity of the idea: 9889 as of 2/25/15. Amazing!

From The New Stack:

“Liang said he wanted to learn Swift and many of his colleagues did, too, but they don’t understand English very well. He started to develop the translation and posted the project to Sina Weibo, a Chinese social network, and people started to join in the translation. About twenty people participated in this project, including students, programmers and some founders of small startups.”

And the momentum is huge:

“It took nine days to do the translation. Since published, the translation has been read 2.1 million times. Liang said he believes there are two reasons why Swift is so popular in China. First, it is created and published by Apple, which in China is associated with excellence and beauty. Second, Swift looks like many other languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby and so on.”

Excellent work Jie and all the developers involved! Go Swift!!