Swift Book: Cocoa Programming for OS X


Cocoa Programming for OS X has been the goto book for Mac development since the first edition was published. With the release of the 5th edition, the book has been updated for OS X Yosemite (10.10), Xcode 6 and Swift.

The Big Picture

I like the approach of the book, jump right in and build an app – specifically, a simple password generator application. The introduction includes a brief summary of MVC, steps to create an OS X project, building a UI with Interface Builder and writing the necessary Swift to glue everything together.

After the introduction to OS X app building, there are a few chapters dedicated to the basics of Swift, including types, enums, classes and structures, as well as the basics of optionals, looping and working with Objective-C foundation frameworks.

From here forward the focus is on describing and creating code examples using OS X frameworks. One very helpful theme carried throughout the book is the use of visuals to depict concepts. For example, there is good use of object diagrams and MVC architecture views to show relationships of controls and concepts within applications.

The book is all about describing and creating examples of OS X app concepts and integrating the relevant APIs, versus simply a rundown of APIs specific to OS X. Handling keyboard events, archiving, mouse events, sheets, pasteboards, among other topics, all are covered in detail.


What I appreciate most about Cocoa Programming for OS X is the thorough treatment of the topics that provide the most mileage as a developer new to OS X. This is an excellent resource for developers interested to build Mac apps.

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