Introducing SpriteBuilder 1.0: The First Objective-C Game Development Suite for iOS & Android

Apportable, a startup that compiles Objective-C to run on Android, is happy to announce the launch of SpriteBuilder 1.0. SpriteBuilder is the first game development suite for rapidly building iOS and Android games with Objective-C and Xcode.

SpriteBuilder is the culmination of years of tireless effort from hundreds of contributors. Apportable brought together the maintainers of the four of the most popular open source iOS game tools (Cocos2d, Cocos3d, CocosBuilder, and Chipmunk) to create a new, integrated development experience. SpriteBuilder 1.0 also includes the much anticipated v3 release of Cocos2d, the most widely used iOS game engine.

SpriteBuilder’s visual editor enables developers to quickly prototype and build high quality games with intuitive, elegantly designed tools. Designers and developers can work seamlessly together and drastically cut development time. SpriteBuilder is the only game development suite that allows you to run your Objective-C code as a native app on Android. Apportable compiles Objective-C programs directly to ARM or x86 machine code, so a game built with SpriteBuilder will run faster on Android than a game written in Java or other languages.

SpriteBuilder is a free download on the Mac App Store and the source code is available under the commercially-friendly MIT license.

Thanks to Apportable for sponsoring this week.