Get A Free Music Track For Your iOS App – SupaSounds

The giveaway is now closed.

SupaSounds offers hundreds of royalty free tracks for your iOS apps. Most sound tracks are 30 seconds or longer and are optimized for continuous looping. All tracks can be previewed on the site and can be viewed by either music genre or game type.

SupaSounds license agreements are simple and clear. There are no royalties or hidden restrictions. Purchase any 30 second sound loop and use it freely without any hidden limitations.

One more thing: if your app reaches the U.S. App Store Top 25, SupaSounds will “lock” the music that you used, nobody else will be able to buy that same track(s).

Get a Free Music Track:

For a limited time, SupaSounds is offering iOS Developers a free track of their choice. To receive a track:

#1 – Post a comment below (make sure your email address is correct)
#2 – Spread the word about SupaSounds through a Tweet of this post

At the end of this week, Friday, September 14th, we’ll collect all the email addresses and SupaSounds will send an activation code to all commenters within 3 days!


  1. great idea! I’m just now searching the right tune for my app ;-)

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