eXtremeDB – New Database System for iOS

McObject’s eXtremeDB database system for iOS delivers speed, specialized features – such as highly efficient location-based lookups – and a tiny footprint that avoids monopolizing on-device hardware resources. Read about eXtremeDB for iOS or go straight to the download page.

eXtremeDB provides an in-memory database system (IMDS) architecture with optional persistent storage; SQL as well as a faster, navigational C/C++ API; storage in the form of C/C++ data structures; R-tree indexes for geospatial queries as well as B-trees and other specialized indexes; ACID transactions, and more. Code size is approximately 150K, and frugal use of CPU cycles make it a device-friendly DBMS.

eXtremeDB is used in millions of deployed devices including DIRECTV’s set-top boxes, F5 Networks’ BIG-IP product family, BAE Systems’ combat jet avionics, Compass-EOS’ core routers, JVC’s portable audio players and more. Download eXtremeDB for iOS trial software and learn why.