iPhone 6 Mobile Wallet Coming Sept 12th?

This is intriguing:

Apple has reached an agreement with American Express to work together on its new iPhone payments system

However, as expected, this is speculation. To finish the thought…

…according to sources familiar with the talks.

Which would imply iPhone 6 will have NFC technology.

For nearly four years I was a consultant for the joint venture of ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile. My work was all around iOS architecture, design and development of technology to enable mobile payments, working around the limitations of the iPhone not directly supporting NFC.

From a developer perspective, this is an interesting proposition as it relates to Apple opening an API to allow for interaction with an NFC chip embedded on the iPhone. Beyond mobile payments, there could be some very cool peer-to-peer apps on the horizon.

On the mobile payments front, if any company can bring all the pieces together, I think it’s Apple.

September 9th we’ll all know more.