Open Source Replacement of UIStackView

An interesting open source project, built as an alternative to the UIStackView class on iOS.

“Supports all alignments and distributions, spacing, baselineRelativeArrangement, layoutMarginsRelativeArrangement, axis.”

Arranged by @a_grebenyuk

SubtleVolume: Replace the System Volume Control

Following the trend towards minimalistic UI interface controls, SubtleVolume replace the standard iOS volume popup with a more subdued horizontal line.

SubtleVolume is written by Andrea Mazzini.

For-In Alternative to C-Style For-Loops

With the release of Swift 3, C-style for loops will be no more. Thomas Hanning provides a quick summary of a few looping options using Swift for-in.

Swift: Avoiding C-Style For-Loops@hanning_thomas

Explore Core Image Filters with this iPad App

Simon Gladman wrote this iPad app for tinkering with image filters in Apple’s Core Image framework. This is a great way to see how the various filters work without having to write an example for each. @FlexMonkey

Declarative and Chainable Swift Animations

@matthewcheok‘s project, Fluent, simplifies the process of defining animation sequences on iOS. Creating an animation consists of specifying the animation method, setting the properties and defining absolute or relative transformations, all in a chainable manner.