Thu, Apr 23
UIKit Dynamics and Tossing Views in Swift

Bjørn Ruud introduces both UIKit Dynamics as well as how to toss views off-screen with gestures.

This post is a rewrite in Swift and updated for iOS 8.

Wed, Apr 22
Flipping Menu

Jeff Greenberg on JGFlipMenu:

“Flipping menu system written in Swift. Uses @IBDesignable for quick and easy implementation.”

Quick integration, customizable, interesting effect.

Tue, Apr 21
UITableView Cells Following BezierPath in Swift

Knut Inge Grosland is the author of COBezierTableView, a unique project wherein you define an arc as a BezierPath and your tableview cells follow that same path.

If it’s difficult to visualize, there’s an animated gif on the project page.

Mon, Apr 20
NSNumberFormatter Singleton in Swift

Adam DeLong describes how to create a singleton in Swift using NSNumberFormatter. The goal is a quick and efficient way to convert integers to a currency format, such as $99.00

“…initializing an NSNumberFormatter can be an expensive operation, I didn’t want the performance of the app to be affected by this, especially if I was going to be using the same NSNumberFormatter configuration throughout the app. So, I decided to use a singleton.”

Adam includes a screencast as well as text description of the steps.

Fri, Apr 17
Asynchronous Image Downloading and Caching in Swift

Inspired by the popular asynchronous image downloader SDWebImage, Wei Wang created Kingfisher:

“A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.”

There are also a few handy customizations: max size/duration, cancel download, background image decompression and using the library as a category of UIImageView.