Wed, Dec 10
Custom Postfix, Prefix and Infix Operators in Swift

Nick Hanan describes how to create custom operators in Swift. Nick includes code examples for prefix, postfix and infix operators.

Food for thought:

“Custom operators can make code nigh unreadable if you are not careful, so do your best to make sure you choose a good set of symbols for your operator, and to document it very well.”

Mon, Dec 8
Xcode 6 Custom Live Views and Auto Layout

Chris of Totem Training on Xcode 6 and live views:

“One of the most exciting features added to Xcode 6 is the ability to make custom, live views that are created in code but rendered real-time in Interface Builder. They also give developers the ability to add attributes to the Inspector Panel for these custom views.”

This is a good introduction covering all the basics on creating a custom live view.

Sun, Dec 7
iOS Development Practices

Not as much best practices as a list of “all things iOS development.

Neither Swift nor Objective-C are widely used elsewhere, the platform has its own names for almost everything, and it’s a bumpy road for your code to actually make it onto a physical device. This living document is here to help you, whether you’re taking your first steps in Cocoaland or you’re curious about doing things “the right way”.

Even if you are experienced coding on iOS, chances are you’ll find a gem.

Fri, Dec 5
Swift Optionals for the Objective-C Developer

For the Objective-C developers yet to explore Swift. Julius Parishy:

“…I’d like to show some of the more stubborn Objective-C developers the benefits they will receive from adopting Swift, be it now or later. To begin, let’s discuss the concept of Optional Values, a new feature in Swift that is not available in Objective-C.”

Julius provides a good introduction to Swift optionals with numerous examples.

Continuous Deployment for iOS

Felix Krause has created a tool, Deliver, to simplify app updates:

“Deliver can upload ipa files, app screenshots and more to the iTunes Connect backend, which means, you can deploy new iPhone app updates just by using one command.”

Thu, Dec 4
Apple Pay Tutorial

Erik Kerber provides a nice introduction on integrating Apple Pay into an application. The idea is to demonstrate how to allow users to make purchases of content within an app using the Apple Pay APIs.

Wed, Dec 3
Swift ~> Operator

Nate Cook explores the mysterious ~> operator in Swift.

One caveat:

“I wouldn’t advise anyone to use these in production code, since they could disappear or change at any time.”