Tue, Nov 18
Formatting Content and Printing on an iOS Device

Nate Cook does an excellent job detailing all the steps required for printing from an iOS device. This includes configuring the print job as well as the print options selectable by a user. The various properties of UIPrintInteractionController to format content prior to printing are also covered.

The post also includes both Swift and Objective-C code for all examples. This is a deep tutorial. Highly recommended.

Mon, Nov 10
Collection of Objective-C Macros

Below you’ll find a collection of Objective-C macros, a reader submission (thank you):

// Degree to Radians
#define degreesToRadians(x) (M_PI * x / 180.0)
// Timer Invalidation
#define UA_invalidateTimer(t) [t invalidate]; t = nil;

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Thu, Nov 6
Expectations for WatchKit

I’m as intrigued as David Smith when it comes to Apple Watch and the imminent release of the WatchKit API.

So to start with we will be given the ability to implement actionable notifications and glances. This is what I believe we are getting with the SDK release this month.

David has some interesting thoughts and speculation, this is a good read if you are considering an app for Apple Watch.

Storyboards in Xcode 6

I’m in the same camp as Richard Turton:

I’ve liked the idea of storyboards since their introduction, and even used them a couple of times, but I’ve always gone back to laying out views in code…

Richard describes the problems with Storyboards as well as how changes in Xcode 6 stack up.

Swift and ValueForKeyPath

Matt Long:

Well, my early assumption from what I was seeing in Swift was that valueForKeyPath: was gone and no longer did we have a convenient way to grab only the fields we needed from a collection of objects.

Swift and ValueForKeyPath – You Can’t Keep a Good API Down

Then I downloaded some sample code from the Apple developer site and noticed they were doing what I needed, but using map to do it. The answer was map.