Swift Pattern Matching with Tuples

Jordan Morgan shows several interesting examples on ways to apply pattern matching when working with Swift tuples.

“Swift’s suite of pattern matching capabilities always struck me as both useful and practical. It takes something simple and empowers it be as complex as the situation calls for.”

Pattern matching with Swift tuples@JordanMorgan10

Unit Testing in Swift 2.0

Interested in unit testing? Coding in Swift 2.0?

“In this talk Jorge Ortiz introduces unit testing and explains three scenarios of unit testing with Swift, providing you with practical advice for each of them. He also explores the implications of the recently introduced Swift 2.0.”

Unit Testing in Swift 2

Creating Custom Xcode Templates

Over the years there have been many tutorials on how to create Xcode templates. Unfortunately, with new releases of Xcode, along come changes to file system and integration with Xcode.

Jake Marsh takes us on a quick tour of how to create your own custom Xcode templates that should work with the latest release of Xcode.

Swift 2.1 – What’s New

A look at what’s new in Swift 2.1, included in Xcode 7.1 beta 2:

Russ sums it up nicely:

“If you thought Apple was slowing down with Swift, think again.”

Lightweight Image Loader in Swift

Hirohisa Kawasaki is the developer of ImageLoaderSwift, a library for loading and caching images on an iOS device.

“ImageLoader is an instrument for asynchronous image loading written in Swift. It is a lightweight and fast image loader for iOS.”