Tue, Mar 24
NSCalendar Additions in Swift and Objective-C

Nate Cook on working with Dates:

“Combining sub-second precision, overlapping units, geopolitical time zone boundaries, localization differences in both language and grammar, and Daylight Saving shifts and leap year adjustments that literally add and remove whole chunks of time from measured existence, there’s a lot to process.”

Put another way, dates are a pain. Nate does a nice job explaining new functionality recently added to NSCalendar.

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Mon, Mar 23
Subclassing UIWindow and a Few Related Tricks

I would agree with Aaron Abentheuer:

“UIWindow is often overlooked and still bears a lot of potential.”

Once past the initial code to get an app up and running, most of us never look any further into UIWindow. Aaron creates a subclass of UIWindow to create a corner radius on an app as well as detecting when the user opens Control Center.

Adding a Fixed Header to a UICollectionView

Marius Schulz on creating a fixed header with a UICollectionView that supports content scrolling horizontally and vertically:

“A better approach is to add the header bar as a subview of the UICollectionView so that it participates in horizontal scrolling. Now we only need to simulate the stickyness of the header bar by continuously updating its location so that it looks attached to the top.”

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