How To Move Spotlight Window on Yosemite

This is a how-to post flipped on it’s head, I’m hoping you may know how-to move the Spotlight window on OS X Yosemite.

Spotlight has been updated with many new features, however, the spotlight window is no longer relegated to the upper right corner of the display, and in my experience it often covers content on the display that is relevant to my search.

There’s got to be a system hack to move and/or resize spotlight on Yosemite…

  1. It’s simply not possible. Note that you can scroll the window underneath the Spotlight window – the window doesn’t have to be active, unlike on Windows, which is super nice.

  2. It’s still a pain because if the window isn’t scrollable underneath then you have to close it. I use it for calculating a lot vice the calculator and this new window has made the spotlight as a shortcut almost nonexistent.

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