iOS Open Source – Coverflow-Like Code

I’ve been on a hunt for an open source implementation of a Coverflow look alike. Thanks for to oldbeamer at Stackoverflow for answering the question I posted to find an open source version and many thanks to William Woody at Chaos In Motion.

A short movie showing a series of six images (jpg files) is below.

Flowcover demo

Very cool, thanks again William, nice work! You can find the source code here: Flowcover.

  1. Thanks!

    I actually hacked this together as a sort of protest against Peeps being rejected for using a private API when they simply rolled their own Cover Flow implementation. Since then, Apple has allowed Peeps on the App Store.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks william for a great cover like flow. Sorry for my ignorance, does Apple allows this now? I am hopin g that this doesnot come under Private APIs.

    • I’ve used FlowCover in three applications ( Supermodel Party, Hunkalicious and Savini Rims and Rides), all three have been approved by Apple.

      However, with that said, Apple did contact me about whether or not I was using their Coverflow API in the Savini app.


  3. Hi John,
    Thanks for you help before. I have a question on selecting the image. I want to do the following :
    – Pick an image at the center ( after moving the images)
    – Pass the touched image / UIImage to controller so that controller manipulates the image & displays that in a different UI.

    So how do we get particular UIImage when we touch at the center.

    Would be grateful to you if can answer.


  4. Hi,
    Thanks william for a great cover like flow. How to make cover flow use @2x images for retina display.

    Thanks in advance

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