iOS Open Source : Xcode Plugin WordStar Key Sequences

Henry Skoglund contacted to me to share an Xcode plugin he wrote, GeezerEdit, which maps various Xcode editing features to Wordstar control-key sequences.

What is Wordstar you ask? Circa 1980, Wordstar was a popular word processor for DOS, this was long before the days of Microsoft Word. Many of the keystroke sequences for marking text, copy/paste, moving to next/previous word, etc were tied to the control key combinations. For example, to mark a block you would enter Conrol-K-B to begin the mark, Control-K-K to end the block.

Around that same timeframe Borland (which has since been acquired by Embarcadero) was on fire with many popular development tools. Turbo Pascal and Turbo C were tools I used on a daily basis for building applications when I was in graduate school. I remember it well, my computer had two 5 1/4 floppy drives, the compiler and editor were on one floppy and the project was stored on the second. I had no hard drive at the time, the $450 for 10 Meg was out of reach. Crazy.

The common feature across Wordstar, Borland tools and numerous other applications were the control-key sequences.

I appreciate Henry’s work to put this together. I don’t imagine there is a large audience for this plugin, however, I did enjoy the opportunity to take a step back in time, remembering the keystrokes that were the better part of my life for many years.

To install the plugin, download the project and run the application within Xcode.

Download GeezerEdit

You can download GeezerEdit from github.