iOS Open Source : Xcode Plug-in ColorSense

Either I’m looking in all the wrong places or there simply aren’t many Xcode plug-ins. With that said, I bumped into an interesting project created by Ole Zorn – the plugin offers a graphical way to choose colors for UIColor and NSColor objects.

For example, if you have the line of code below (and the plugin is installed), placing your cursor over UIColor will show a small tab that displays the current color setting:

[UIColor colorWithRed:0.840 green:0.863 blue:0.892 alpha:1.000];

When you tap on the tab, the standard Mac color wheel appears. When you select new colors, the plugin updates the red, green and blue values in your code.

The video below shows the plugin in action. Notice how the code changes as new colors are selected:

Download XCode ColorSense

You can download ColorSense from github.

If you know of other Xcode plug-ins, please drop me a line.