iOS Open Source : Sparrow Framework for Game Development

Sparrow is an Objective-C library that was written to simplify the design and development of games for iOS devices.

The code base is in the neighborhood of 10,000 lines of code, pretty reasonable given the breadth of the API. For those familiar with Flash/Flex, getting to know Sparrow should come quite naturally, as many of the concepts and naming conventions are similar.

To get started with Sparrow, there is an Xcode project that demonstrates a range of features in the framework, including animations, sounds and texture atlas. A few screenshots of the demo app are below – notice the rightmost screenshot which shows a few variations of the textfield options.


Sparrow is the work of Daniel Sperl of Incognitek. Thanks Daniel for creating this open source framework.

Source Code Download

You can download the Sparrow framework, including sample code here: Sparrow Framework. Sparrow is licensed as Simplified BSD License.

Suggestions For Open Source Projects?

If you have written, worked with or otherwise know of an interesting open source project, one that is focused on iOS development, feel free to send me a note. Even a simple class/category that offers something useful is welcome. Contact me with ideas and suggestions.