iOS Open Source : Sidebar Image Collection HSImageSidebarView

BJ Homer is the author of HSImageSidebarView, an iOS control that subclasses UIView to present a scrolling collection of images. There are some pretty cool features available out-of-the-box, a personal favorite is the drag-and-drop support for rearranging items in the collection.

The screenshots below show, from left to right: the original collection, top element being dragged to a new location, the final collection arrangement.

The API is similar in design to working working with UITableViews, so if you’ve been done that road before, the methods defined in the HSImageSidebarViewDelegate such as countOfImagesInSidebar and didTapImageAtIndex will be familiar.

Open Source Recommendations ?

Have you written or worked with iOS or Cocoa open source that you think others would find interesting, send me a note.