iOS Open Source: Feature Rich Drop-Down Menu

Last week’s source project provided a nice, no-frills, drop-down menu. This weeks project, created by Roman Efimov, is also a drop-down menu, however, this control has numerous features that set it apart, including support for icons and both a title and sub-title. Many of the control’s attributes (colors, fonts, sizes, etc) are customizable.

A screenshot of the drop-down menu is below:

Working with the control is very straightforward, to create an entry in the menu is as simple as:

REMenuItem *homeItem = [[REMenuItem alloc]
   subtitle:@"Return to Home Screen"
   image:[UIImage imageNamed:@"Icon_Home"]
   action:^(REMenuItem *item) 
     NSLog(@"Item: %@", item);

I like the integration of a block to manage the action.

Download REMenu

You can download REMenu from github.

Open Source Recommendations ?

If you have a recommendation for an open source project, send me an email.

  1. Hi,

    I have clone the github project. Found menu to be good, however I have question, when I press on any menu item I want to have different view below.

    • I would recommend contacting the developer of REMenu, he may be able to help (see the github link).

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