iOS Open Source : PullToRefresh

There are any number of apps that build on the idea of pulling down a view (typically a tableview) in order to refresh application content.
PullToRefresh is an open source project created by Leah Culver that offers easy to integrate code for requesting table data refreshes.

Leah’s project consists of just three files: an interface and corresponding implementation file and a png image. Add these files to a project, subclass, create your own custom refresh code, and you are good to go.

PullToRefresh includes an Xcode project that demonstrates how to get things running – a screenshot of the sample application follows:

Suggestions For Open Source Projects?

If you have written, worked with or otherwise know of an interesting open source project, one that is focused on iOS development, feel free to send me a note. Even a simple class/category that offers something useful is welcome. Contact me with ideas and suggestions.

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    Its one these things that makes me proud of begin a programmer for.

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