iOS Open Source : Popup with Selection List

Created as an alternative to UIActionSheet, LeveyPopListView displays a popup window with a selectable list of options.

This project covers a number of fundamental iOS programming concepts – creating and drawing UIViews; building a UITableView with custom UITableViewCells; animation effects with blocks (done when both showing and hiding the popup).

Below is a screenshot of the popup with a list of selectable options.

One nice addition to this project would be additional logic to adjust the size of the popup based on the number of entries. For example, if the list of entries is shorter than the popup height, there is empty space as shown in the screenshot that follows:

Download LeveyPopListView

You can download LeveyPopListView from github.

Open Source Recommendations ?

Have you written or worked with iOS or Cocoa open source that you think others would find interesting, send me a note.

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