iOS Open Source : Popover API for iPhone

Fri, May 20

WEPopover is an API that mirrors UIPopover for the iPad. This class is intentionally designed to have the same interaction, look and feel as the popover effect on the iPad.

The original implementation of WEPopover was created by Werner Altewischer and is available on GitHub. Paul Solt has forked the original implementation and provided some nice updates, Paul’s implementation is available on GitHub as well.

The screenshot below shows how the popover looks on the iPhone simulator.

Open Source Recommendations ?

Have you written or worked with iOS or Cocoa open source that you think others would find interesting, send me a note.


Top nice. I will start testing this. Wonder why it’s not a part of the framework.

by Lauge Hjemmeside on Jun 5, 2011. #

I just merged Paul Solt’s images back into my own version. The look and feel of the popover is in fact totally configurable by supplying custom images and WEPopoverContainerViewProperties (see example code).

by Werner Altewischer on Jun 13, 2011. #

Good work,!Thanks!
but here a little problem: under the uiscrollview some problems, such as uiscrollview two pages, each page has a number of buttons, scroll to the second page and click on the button the popover is not displayed

by hotcicada on Aug 6, 2011. #

Hi there,

I just have a general query regarding an open Api. i.e. How to create/develop an open Api out of your own iPhone project, so that other world wide developers can use it and can have same functionality as my application, e.g google checkout . in this case mySystemCheckout.

Would really Appreciate any kind of help in regard to this..


by Garry on Aug 29, 2011. #

Good work,!Thanks!

Can we add any other View or the UINavigationController under this which will lead to detail screen.Similar to UIPopoverController in iPad.


by Ajay on May 5, 2012. #

We built an alternative iPhone popover open source solution that lets you use any view or controller and customise the look and feel of the popover. Download it from

by Pietro Saccomani on May 31, 2012. #