iOS Open Source: MKMapView-Like Popup Bubbles

When using MKMapView iOS presents a popup when tapping a pin on a map. Unfortunately, the popups are tied to MKMapView and are not available for out-of-the-box use. Enter SMCalloutView, an open source project written by Nick Farina that provides very similar functionality to Apple’s private UICalloutView.

The image below shows SMCalloutView:

SMCalloutView provides many of the same features as the Map view implementation, including left and right accessory views, title and subtitle, as well as arbitrary views for both the title and subtitle to give the same look as the “gold stars” shown in iOS 6 MKMapView.

The code is is very well thought out and provides many of the same little nuances of the UICalloutView such as the smooth bouncing animation. The code is also very well documented. This project is well worth a closer look.

Download SMCalloutView

You can download SMCalloutView from github.

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