iOS Open Source : Custom TabView JMTabView

If you are looking for a customizable tabbar, including animation as a user selects different tabs, I recommend you take a look at this open source project, written by Jason Morrissey. The animation is very smooth and lends to a nice professional look – all animation code is done with Core Graphics. There are a number of customizable options available in JMTabView with little coding effort.

Notice in the screenshot below that the tabbar on top has no icons, whereas the tabbar on the bottom has both icons and text. With a simple code change, you can also have only icons and no text.

Download JMTabView

You can download JmTabView from github.

Open Source Recommendations ?

Have you written or worked with iOS or Cocoa open source that you think others would find interesting, send me a note.

  1. Thanks for continuing to post these. Most are not really useful to my projects, but I *do* love that I can download something like this one, look at the code, and get a better understanding of how to do something like Core Graphics.

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