iOS Open Source : iOS Screen Unlock Similar To Android

Android devices provide a non-typing screen unlock feature, shown in the figure below:

I bumped into an open source project which offers a nice implementation for iOS devices, with a similar look and feel. The control can be customized to change the grid size, for example, the screenshots below show a range of grid options:

The lock screen is managed as a view controller, an example definition follows:

DrawPatternLockViewController *lockScreen = [[DrawPatternLockViewController alloc] init];
[lockScreen setTarget:self withAction:@selector(checkPattern:)];
[self presentModalViewController:lockScreen animated:YES];

For this example, in the method checkPattern you would compare the input (represented as a string) against the pre-defined pattern. Based on the results you could show an error dialog or remove the view controller and allow access.

Download Android Pattern Unlock For iOS

You can download Android Screen Unlock For iOS from github.

Open Source Recommendations ?

If you have a recommendation for an open source project, send me an email.