iOS Open Source : Facebook Three20

Three20 is an open source project that is the brainchild of Joe Hewitt. Joe is the man behind the original Facebook application for the iPhone.

This library is an expansive collection of classes, primarily GUI related, including a flexible photoviewer (which displays local and remote images), table viewcontrollers that load content from the Internet, and URL-based navigation, among others.

Three20 includes a nice demo application that exercises many of the features of the library.

Three20 Facebook iOS Open Source

Download Three20 from github: Three20 Library

Three20 Google Group: 320

Also worth a look: Three20 Style Guide

Suggestions For Open Source Projects?

If you have written, worked with or otherwise know of an interesting open source project, one that is focused on iOS development, feel free to send me a note. Even a simple class/category that offers something useful is welcome. Contact me with ideas and suggestions.

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing. This open source library looks cool on paper but for it is lacking documentation the last time I checked for it. This is a big downer for beginner iOS devs.

    • I agree, working with Three20 can be a challenge up front. It takes time to wrap one’s brain around how the api’s are structured and documentation could be better. I found that looking into the source code was often helpful to understand the methods. Also, the demo app included is very helpful to see how things work.

      Although the learning curve can be steep, hopefully the time spent is a worthwhile tradeoff in having some pretty solid code and features available.

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