iOS Open Source : Custom Progress Indicator

DDProgressView, written by Damien DeVille, is an easy to implement control for showing an animated progress indicator. There are three customizable values in this control, the inner color, outer color and the color of the progress indicator when empty (essentially the background color). To move the indicator forward or backward, you update a value (a float) in the control, which affects how the control is drawn.

In the screenshot above, the top progess view has an outer color of cyan and an inner color that is blue. The second bar has an outer color that is defined as [UIColor clearColor]], an inner color that is light gray and empty color that is white.

The example included with DDProgressView – which is the basis of the screenshots above – demonstrates how to create two controls, set their color values and update the progress indicator using an NSTimer with a scheduled timer interval.

Download DDProgressView

You can download DDProgressView from github.

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