iOS Open Source : AURosetteView, Animated Menu Selection

Emil Wojtaszek has written a slick open source project that is intended to be used as a for control sharing content via email, twitter and facebook. However, the project is easy to customize and offers a nice animation/presentation of user selectable options.

In the video that follows the control shown on the top is the default implementation from the demo included in the project. It includes three options, twitter, facebook and email. The second control I created, there are seven options, each using a random image. Also notice on the bottom of the video is the output from the Xcode console showing which option was selected.

As you can see from the customizations I made, you can tweak this code beyond the original idea of share button for social platforms to a number of interesting menu/selection ideas.

Download AURosetteView

You can download AURosetteView from github.

Open Source Recommendations ?

If you have a recommendation for an open source project, send me an email.