iOS Developer Newsletter – Volume 1 Issue 5

The fifth issue of the iOS Developer Newsletter was sent to subscribers on Monday, February 25th. The online version is now available for viewing.

The newsletter covers many topics from Apple centric news, iOS open source projects, numerous tutorials and tips, cloud-based APIs and a handful of debugging related articles.

A partial list of topics follows:

  • Users are upgrading to iOS 6 faster than all other releases
  • Code injection tool, make code changes without an app restart
  • How to create a collapsable table view
  • printf != debugging
  • Ready to roll cloud-based APIs, from storage to gaming to social networking
  • Tool to port Objective-C to HTML5
  • Apple iWatch on the horizon?

» iOS Developer Newsletter – Volume 1 Issue 5

For current subscribers, the next issue will be published on Monday, March 4th. The online version will be published next Friday, March 8th.

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