iTerm2 An Awesome Mac OS X Terminal Replacement

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Always one up for a new utility, I hit paydirt when I found iTerm2. This is an excellent Mac OS X Terminal replacement application. Yes, Terminal has grown along with OS version upgrades, however, iTerm2 is still rules supreme.

A few of my favorite features include split pane views:

There is also a very nice autocomplete feature, where commands are shown in a dropdown window:

Other features include:

Mouseless copy – allows text to be selected based on search results, using tab for forward text selection and shift-tab for reverse selection.

Seearches within a window support regular expressions.

A paste history is handy if you are copy/pasting text numerous times within a session.

Instant replay offers the option to “go back in time” if you will, and view session output that would otherwise be lost.

Check out the iTerm2 wiki, a good resource for iTerm2 tools and tips.

You owe it to yourself to check out iTerm2.