Create Readable Links to Your iPhone Apps and Company in the App Store

Creating a link to your application or company in the App Store serves many purposes, linking from your website, sending a link to a friend or app review website, etc. You can easily create a link to your application by right clicking on the application name or icon in iTunes. For example, referring to Cartoons to Go application, if you right-click on the application name you end up with this link:

Creating More Readable Link

If you want to create a link that is easier to read, you can follow the format shown below, replacing your application name where indicated:

For example, the equivalent link to the Cartoons To Go app new becomes:

Notice that I removed all the spaces in the application name. Here is the complete list of naming requirements:

– Remove all whitespace
– Remove the following characters and symbols: !¡”#$%'()*+,\-./:;<=>¿?@[\]^_`{|}~©™®
– Replace ampersands with the word “and”
– Accented characters such as ü should be replaced with base character (for example “u”)
– Use only lower-case letters

The above rules apply to both linking to your application as well as the company name. For example to access the company name 3 Sixty Software, LLC in the App Store, the readable link is:

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