Cartoons to Go! iPhone Application

I thought I would pass along that an application I originally submitted in February (yes, February) has finally been approved. Cartoons to Go! is a video streaming application that does just one thing, play vintage cartoons.

No Frills UI

The application that is now available on the App Store has little similarity to the original application that I submitted. The reason being, as the amount of time involved to continually make changes to get approved increased, the capabilities of the user interface decreased.

So what took so long you ask? In a nutshell, I think it was all about questions on copyright and rights to publish the cartoons. I have no beef with that, however, I wish we could of cut to the chase much earlier in the review process. Honestly, I would rather get all this stuff clarified up front versus after the fact. With that said, it is frustrating for nine months to go by with nothing to show for all the time and effort that went into the original work.

Today, the interface is nothing more than a tableview with a long scrolling list of entries, one for each cartoon:

This is a custom tableview with a transparent background – I wrote about a similar idea in this post Creating Unique Looking Tables with Custom Cells. Clicking on a row starts the movie player and away you go.

A couple of clips from the videos follow:

Application Updates

If we get any amount of momentum (read sales) with the application, I have some interesting ideas for the UI, following in the same vein as vintage cartoons, more on that another time…

Promo Code

I have a few promo codes to giveaway if you are a cartoon fan and would like to watch a few old Popeye or Superman cartoons. Drop me a note if you would like a promo code, while supplies last :)

  1. Thanks for Cartoons to Go! It is fantastic and a great way to bring back these beloved cartoons. And take them on the go!

  2. I just bought the app. Will be great to have those cartoons around :)

    Do you have any old pictures of what the interface used to look like before submitting the app?

    • Thanks Arne! I don’t have any images that I’ve been able to dig up. If I do find something of interest, I’ll post them here.

      Thanks again.

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