Swift Book: iOS Games by Tutorials


Although I’ve been a developer for 20+ years, my thought process has always been that coding games would be difficult to learn. Turns out, if you have the right resources, that certainly isn’t the case.

iOS Games by Tutorials walks you through all the steps to build five iOS games using Apple’s 2D game framework, Sprite Kit. Even better, all the games are written in Swift (current version of the book uses Swift 1.2).

Weighing in at over 900 pages, it’s very clear that there was a significant amount of time and effort that went into the design, layout and writing of iOS Games by Tutorials. Here are the five types of games you’ll build as you work your way through the book:

  • Action game
  • Tile map game
  • Physics puzzle game
  • Racing game
  • Side-scolling space shooter

Kudos to the authors of the book on a job well done: Mike Berg, Tom Bradley, Mike Daley, Jacob Gundersen, Kauserali Hafizji, Matthijs Hollemans, Christopher LaPollo, Rod Strougo, Marin Todorov, Ray Wenderlich

As a bonus, all books published by Ray Wenderlich include free updates! If you are interested in learning how to program games for iOS, you owe it to yourself to check out iOS Games by Tutorials!

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