Creating iPhone Icons

I’ve been poking around for a decent tutorial on how to create icons for the iPhone. Specifically, I am looking for a walk through with either PhotoShop or FireWorks. The icon I have in mind is what will be shown on the home screen of the iPhone as well as on the App Store.

The first tutorial I found that does a nice job of walking through the basics is from KeepTheWebWeird, you can view the tutorial here. A screenshot of the example created is shown below.

You can also view two movies that accompany the tutorial:

  1. The Edge Glare Step
  2. The Rest of the Stuff

If you know of other good tutorials for working with icons, please drop me an email or post a comment below.

  1. When you post icons to the iTunes store, or when the iPhone displays them, it automatically rounds the corners, and adds the “shine” effect. Apple suggests that you supply a square “un-shined” icon, and the rest is automatic.

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