Suggestions for iOS Developer Books, Tools and Software Giveaway

Starting in January of 2012, I’d like to offer givewaways a few times each month, with the focus on iOS related development tools, software, books or other media. I haven’t figured out all the details, however, the basic idea would be to post something mid-week about the giveaway, gather entries for two days, announcing the winner on the following Thursday.

Question is, what would you as an iOS developer find most helpful in your development process? Also, if you are interested in offering your software/tool/media for the giveaway, please contact me.

Please leave a comment with your suggestions and I’ll see what I can do…

  1. I know what I would find most useful, old devices, i.e an old iPhone 3G, great for testing. But think that is a bit too much to expect

  2. In my opinion, the best gift would be your continuos insight on how to code and, specially, why to code one way and not any other. And you are already trying that! So thank you! :)
    But if you insist on giving away MORE free stuff, the things you propose in your title are perfectly fine. Access to tutorials or tickets to conventions would also be nice. And a chance to advertise the winner’s iOS apps in your site, for free, would be great. :D
    Thank you for asking! ;)

  3. iOS 5 by Tutorials, iPhone Game Kit, or any other iOS5 programming book as those have release dates between this month and the beginning of the year.

  4. I agree with Rober, I think than the best practices that you already post are the best giveaway, but specialiced books (game development, advanced books…) and obviously the best of all could be a device (iPhone/iPod/iPad) to test the app.

  5. I agree from both Rober and Simon . I am just new in iPhone world and its really interested.I think the best gift for us is the book For iphone how to write the code in right direction and some suggestion about the iphone for best practice.

  6. 1) A comprehensive book on Instruments with sample code to play with.
    2) A book on the best ObjC programming style and practices; and techniques.

    • You’re probably going to have to write those yourself! But if you do a good enough job, I’ll be one of your first customers. :-)

  7. I like when you post about open-source projects/frameworks/libraries.

    There are many projects out there and here is my chance to find more about them (without starting to browse every ObjC project in GitHub :) ).

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