iSimulate Giveaway – We Have a Winner!

In this post, I announced the latest iPhone Developer Tips Giveaway, a free copy of iSimulate, courtesy of vimov, the company that developed iSimulate.

If you are not familiar with iSimulate, it’s a handy dev-tool if you need to test accelerometer, multi-touch or GPS code from within Xcode (using the simulator).

Those who posted a tip/trick or question in the iPhone Developer Tips Google Group, were registered in the drawing.

Drum roll please….and the winner is….Torsten Curdt. Congratulations Torsten!

Torsten posted a tip on Using a Category to Assist with Debugging Observers, well worth a look, good information.

Here’s a little more about Torsten, in his own words:

Torsten is an open source kind of guy. He is the founder of CocoaHeads Frankfurt but lives in Berlin now. After his job at joost he got more and more into iPhone development. Since then he is mostly doing contracting work with different clients. As one of his last projects he has been working with Agile Partners on Star6 which made it into the top 20 of the app store music apps just recently.

You can find Torsten on linked-in, twitter, or through his blog.

There is one more giveaway yet to come – if you’ll be in the Boston area in mid-October, you can still register for one free pass to the Voices That Matter iPhone Developers Conference.